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You MUST Have If You're Going To Reach Your Financial Goals Through Business Acquisition …

A lot of people ask me, “Jonathan, what does it really take to buy a business?”

And here’s my answer. The people around you.

This answer surprises people.

Yes … the “technical” knowledge is important. You have to know what you’re doing and you have to follow a proven plan.

But if you really want to make this whole business buying thing actually happen, then you must surround yourself with people with similar goals and a similar “let’s get this done” mindset.

If you try to do this alone … good luck. It won’t happen. One reason? Your friends and family will keep saying, “you’re dreaming.”

This happened to me … until I surrounded myself with people who would say, “you can get this done … this will happen for you … it’s really exciting.”

And that’s the best part of being in The Dealmakers Mastermind Programme. You will be around like-minded people with the common goal of reaching astonishing financial goals through business acquisition.

Yes … I give you all the “technical” information you need to be successful in the Mastermind. But you also get the support you must have to be successful.

All the details follow … including a powerful bonus package that’s only available for a limited time.


Jonathan Jay

P.S. If you’re really serious about reaching your financial goals, there’s something important to understand. Acquiring a business is the fastest way to reach those goals. Yes, it takes some time and effort, but it is a lot easier than any other method of acquiring wealth that I know.

Why I Created The Mastermind Programme

And What It Means For You …

Several years ago, people started to notice my success in the arena of buying and selling businesses and they asked, “will you teach me how to make this happen?”

I was reluctant at first … because I was busy buying and selling businesses but I started to share my expertise through some YouTube videos.

These videos instantly became really popular.

Fast forward several years and I got more organized about providing access to my experience and expertise.

I quickly realised there were two types of people:

For the latter … the super-serious … I created a programme specifically for them. I called it The Mastermind Programme and I limited it to just 50 people a year.

What about the people who have joined The Mastermind Programme?

These are the people who have:

It’s safe to say The Mastermind Programme has been a success and I’ve enjoyed seeing members and “alumni” reach their financial goals.

“I’ve enjoyed” isn’t really strong enough. I’ve gained enormous personal satisfaction watching members of the Mastermind become massively successful.

Now it’s time to talk about the core elements of The Mastermind Programme … and how these elements will help you.

How The Dealmakers Mastermind Will

Help You Buy A Business …

Let me share exactly what you receive as part of The Dealmakers Mastermind.

The Dealmakers Mastermind is a “safe place” where you can confidentially ask questions … get the support you need and be part of a community that’s saying, “yes … you will make this happen.”

Even better, being part of The Dealmakers Mastermind community will help you gain the confidence you need to acquire a business.

The Dealmakers Mastermind will help you:

The Mastermind Programme will give you:

  • The knowledge you need to be successful in this arena..
  • The confidence you must have to move an acquisition to completion.
  • The support, community, and positivity that’s crucial for success.

Even better, The Mastermind Programme is also a lot of fun. The sense of community is something that people really enjoy.

This programme is only open to 50 people and you must apply to join.

In 20 Years, I Have NEVER Seen Anyone Succeed On Their Own ...

You MUST Have Knowledge Plus The Support From a Community …

I have spoken to thousands of people who have said to me, “Jonathan … I’m going to buy a business.”

However, most of them fail.


Because they think, “I can figure this out by myself.”

Yes … some of these people end up buying a business. But they make some huge and devastating mistakes in the process … mistakes that could cost them their house and their lifetime savings.

It can all get sideways, ugly, and upside-down very quickly … and painfully.

The ONLY way to be successful and make this happen is to follow a proven program … gain the confidence you need get personal advice … plus have a community of ambitious people to provide support plus accountability.

And that’s what you get in The Dealmakers Mastermind.

I Will Show You EXACTLY How To

Buy A Business … The Right Way …

Using A Proven Plan …

The core “curriculum” in The Mastermind Programme is The Complete Business Buying System.

It’s 21 videos where I show you exactly, in precise detail, how successful business buying really works. I based this program on my experience buying and selling well over 60 businesses.

It’s the exact plan I use here’s the comprehensive curriculum:


Having a plan and financial goal based on your “number” … the amount of money you want to earn through business acquisition.


Why “deal flow” is your best friend and how to find excellent potential deals.


How to determine if a good potential deal is actually a good potential deal. How to build your credibility … even if you have never bought a business.


What to say … and what not to say … during that initial call with a business owner. This call will help you identify good potential deals and avoid really awful deals.


It’s crucial you don’t use your own money when buying a business. So … how do you fund the deal? I will show you the different methods I have used.


These two entities can play important roles in business acquisition. Do you need them? Who should you really trust?


I’ve used these structures for more than 20 years … they have worked for me and they will work for you.


You’ve identified a business that’s a good candidate for an acquisition. You’re going to meet with the owner. I detail what you should say … and how to handle the meeting the right way.


The right way to value a business … and the wrong way. I also detail how to avoid overpaying. Remember … it’s ALWAYS a buyer’s market.


Of course, the valuation and knowing how to negotiate are totally connected. You discover how to negotiate a price that reflects what you should really pay.


HOTS … Also known as the Letter of Intent … Heads of Terms. The key elements of the deal … and the timeline.


When you buy a business, there’s a 95% chance you will also have to deal with some property/real estate. Here’s how to handle this part of the deal.


Is it a good plan for a first business acquisition? How does this work? Is it really the best approach?


You buy several businesses in the same category, put them together as one entity, then sell the combined business. How I made this happen.


The legal structures … how these work … and why you must pay close attention to how this works.


When the acquisition is getting closer to completion, final negotiations are crucial … I detail how to get the best price and terms.


How to go through these crucial parts of the finalization of the transaction.


You’re at the finish line … then you’re over the finish line the deal is done. Now what?


The business you bought has employees … real people with real worries about what the takeover means.


As soon as you acquire a business, you’ll be looking for ways to increase profit and increase overall efficiency. I show you how to make the changes you must make.


At some stage, you’ll want to sell the business … for a significant profit. You’ll discover how to make this happen.

These modules are extremely detailed and literally give you a step-by-step guide to finding a business, buying a business, then selling the business.

The Complete Business Buying System is ONLY available through The Dealmakers Mastermind.

In The Dealmakers Mastermind,

You Gain Access to My Expertise … Plus You Gain Access to Me …

And I’m Eager to Answer Your Questions and Provide The Guidance You Need …

I’m Jonathan Jay and I created The Dealmakers Mastermind to help people like you.

Back in 2006 I bought a multimillion pound business, combined it with another and then sold them to Private Equity the following year.

After this success … and other successes … I started Dealmakers to show people how to buy a business as a way of achieving big-time goals.

Since starting Dealmakers, I’ve helped over 12,500 people get information about buying a business.

I’m still active … maybe too active … in the business-buying arena: I acquired close to 50 businesses during the Covid-19 Pandemic.

My acquisition success come from these factors:

For the record, I don’t have any type of business degree and I dropped out of university at age 19. All my knowledge comes from the real world and is not taught at even the most prestigious business schools.

I created The Complete Business Buying System and The Dealmakers Mastermind … all to help ambitious people reach their financial goals through business acquisition.

In The Dealmakers Mastermind, I go through The Complete Business Buying System with everyone in the group.

But here’s the biggest value … in The Dealmakers Mastermind, you get personal access to my expertise and experience. I’m available to answer your questions and provide guidance and help.

The only people who get this type of access are people in The Dealmakers Mastermind.

I’m Based in London …

But The Strategies and Tactics Work Everywhere

I live in a wonderful part of the United Kingdom, just to the west of Central London. So my business is based in the UK.

Many people ask, “will your strategies and tactics work in other countries?”

The answer is a resounding YES.

There can be legal and accounting differences but the fundamentals of business buying are the same in every country.

I have helped ambitious people become business owners in every country in the developed world.

The Dealmakers Mastermind Programme Is For You … If …

For the record, I don’t have any type of business degree and I dropped out of university at age 19. All my knowledge comes from the real world and is not taught at even the most prestigious business schools.

I created The Complete Business Buying System and The Dealmakers Mastermind … all to help ambitious people reach their financial goals through business acquisition.

In The Dealmakers Mastermind, I go through The Complete Business Buying System with everyone in the group.

But here’s the biggest value … in The Dealmakers Mastermind, you get personal access to my expertise and experience. I’m available to answer your questions and provide guidance and help.

Never Heard Of A Mastermind Group?

Here’s My Definition …

Many people ask me, “what’s a mastermind group?” And that’s a great question as these are not very well known outside marketing circles.

Here’s how I define a mastermind …

It’s a group of like-minded people with a shared goal.

When applied to this environment, The Dealmakers Mastermind is a group of people who want to reach their financial goals through buying a business.

In The Dealmakers Mastermind, you’re going to get all the “technical” details and knowledge you need.

But there’s something else that’s perhaps more important … a sense of community that will move you toward success.

Instead of being around people who constantly say, “you can’t do this … you’re dreaming … you’re crazy” … you’ll be around people who are holding you accountable and are providing additional motivation.

Go it alone and you will almost certainly fail. I’ve seen this happen hundreds of time.

But … when you’re part of a community of people who are all trying to move toward a big goal, your chances of success will skyrocket.

19 Reasons To Join

The Dealmakers Mastermind Group

  1. Access to a proven plan for business buying success … The Complete Business Buying System … it’s only available through this Mastermind.
  2. Expert guidance from someone who has bought and sold over 60+ businesses.
  3. Support from a group of like-minded people who have the same level of ambition and want to make this happen.
  4. Gain the confidence you need to speak with business owners, negotiate successfully, and get the deal done.
  5. Understand how to run the company once you own it.
  6. Know how to prepare the business for a sale … and then sell it for a significant profit.
  7. An awesome suite of bonuses … only for members of The Dealmakers Mastermind.
  8. Access to me, personally. I will answer questions and provide guidance so you keep moving forward to acquiring that business.
  9. Discover the right ways to structure acquisitions … so you NEVER use any of your own money to pay for the acquisition.
  10. Avoid the potentially devastating mistakes.
  11. Gain a rock-solid financial plan for your future.
  12. You can be totally certain you’re getting the information and guidance from an expert … go elsewhere for this guidance and you will almost certainly fail.
  13. Discover the best way to find potential companies to buy.
  14. Important details like what to say when you meet the owner of a company … how to deal with price negotiation … and how to walk away from a deal with confidence.
  15. Learn my highly successful negotiation tactics.
  16. Always pay what you should for a business … not a penny more.
  17. Know how to deal with the property aspects of a deal … and almost every acquisition includes some type of property.
  18. A great investment in your future and your financial foundation.
  19. Membership in The Dealmakers Mastermind is by application. Apply today.

The Mastermind Is Excellent Value

People Have Paid Me £7,000 For 90 Minutes of My Advice Plus I Will Help You Avoid Mistakes That Could Be Financially Devastating … And It’s a Huge Value Because I Will Show You How To Reach Your “Totally Audacious” Financial Goals.

The cost for the The Dealmakers Mastermind ranges from £7,999 to £15,999 depending on the level at which you want to work with me.

When you look at the Mastermind, it may seem a significant amount of money. I understand.

So I invite you to think about this very seriously … and ask yourself “what is the value to me?”

Your answer might be, “here’s a way to reach my financial goals with guidance from an expert … for a tiny fraction of what I could possibly earn through buying a profit making business.”

Good answer.

You get access to me. And if someone comes in “off the street” and asks for my advice for 90 minutes, I will charge them £7,000. So right there, the Mastermind offers a powerful value. In The Dealmakers Mastermind, you pay once and have ongoing access to my advice and support.

But here’s something else.

Business buying is serious. You have to know what you’re doing. I’ve seen people “go it alone” and I’ve seen these people fail miserably and it has literally cost them their house … and other assets.

For your investment I will show you how to avoid these potentially devastating mistakes.

And one more thing … the core element of the Mastermind Programme is showing you how to acquire a business without using any of your own money.

Plus there’s a powerful guarantee … full details are below.

And you must go through the bonuses I’m currently offering. These are extremely valuable.

After you’ve taken part in The Dealmakers Mastermind, you’ll quickly understand it’s the best investment in your future that you could make.

Already Own A Business?

You Should Definitely Apply For The Mastermind …

Some of the people who attend The Dealmakers Mastermind are people who are interested in buying a business to achieve their personal goals … they have never owned a business.

However, if you currently own a business, The Dealmakers Mastermind will show you the right way … the most effective way to acquire other businesses.

You will understand how to buy complementary businesses so that you can build a group of businesses with significant value.

This will help you move faster toward your personal financial goals.

Receive These Powerful Bonuses Worth £4,999 When You’re Accepted Into The Dealmakers Mastermind …

The core elements in The Dealmakers Mastermind provide an excellent value. However, I wanted to “pile on” even more value. So I put together these bonuses.

  • Your partner (significant other or business) attends for free.
  • My full contract file which will save you thousands of pounds/dollars in legal fees.
  • The Dealmakers DEAL SOURCING LETTERS … I have used these to generate 500 deal opportunities in 24 months.
  • Unlimited support from me and my team … ask me anything and we’ll have the right answer … the right advice.
  • Video recordings of every Mastermind session.
  • An exclusive spreadsheet of 4,000 business sectors so you can focus on the businesses that are the best fit for you and your interests.
  • Deal Sourcing Masterclass Notes … to help you with this crucial aspect of buying a business.
  • Funding Deals Masterclass Notes … buy that business without using your own money.
  • How to build your Deal Team with introductions to my US, UK and Australian contacts
  • The Dealmakers Acquisition Guidebook … 101 Most Frequently Asked Questions About Buying A Business.
  • 500 Slides and 250 Pages of Notes from The Complete Business Buying System.
  • 19 GOLDEN NUGGETS … Interviews with past Mastermind members. A full analysis of their success … why they were successful … advice for others.
  • 10 hours of negotiating videos … including “real life” negotiations.
  • Discovery call feedback … so you are constantly improving your initial conversations with business owners.
  • Lifetime membership of the Dealmakers Community … so you always have that crucial support.

You have to agree … that’s an amazing portfolio of bonuses.

Guarantee …

I Personally Back The Dealmakers Mastermind With A Unique Guarantee … The Dealmakers Mastermind must help you …

  • Fully understand how to buy a business with no personal financial risk.
  • Gain a community of like-minded people who will hold you accountable and provide support …
  • Execute your plan for acquiring a business.
  • Avoid potentially devastating mistakes.

All in 12 months …

OR … you can continue to be a part of The Mastermind until you acquire your first business.

In other words … if you really want to acquire that first business … we will make it happen even if takes 3 years or even longer (which is highly unlikely).

You’re making a big investment here … I will personally make sure you get what you expect.

An Important Decision That You Must Get Right …

If you’re serious about building wealth and reaching your financial and personal goals … through acquiring businesses … then you have a simple choice.

You can go it alone, rely on free videos you may have seen on YouTube, and get some advice from a couple of friends who are in business … and totally fail …

OR …

You can get the information and support you need about successful business buying from one of the top business buying experts … and it all starts with The Dealmakers Mastermind.

I’m confident you’ll make the right decision.

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