About Jonathan Jay

About Jonathan Jay

Jonathan Jay sold his first business in 1999. With that deal, he made more money in one day than he had made in the two and half years running the business – and his eyes were opened to the opportunity of buying and selling businesses.

Over the last 25 years, Jonathan has bought and sold 70 businesses. His sale of a business he bought only 18 months earlier to a private equity firm in 2007 gave him a multimillion pound exit. During the pandemic, he bought dozens of businesses to built a group of companies. 

After being asked to teach his strategies, Jonathan launched The Dealmakers Academy and has since taught his Business Buying System to thousands of future acquisition entrepreneurs. 

Why choose Dealmakers Academy?

The Dealmakers Academy is the leading educator in M&A. We have helped more than 13,000 people learn about buying a business, through our online training and many, many more through our free education.

To date, we have supported more than 1,200 clients on their business buying journey through our signature Business Acquisition Mastermind programme.

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Proven programmes built for practical, real-world success

Jonathan has built and sold businesses from scratch without any education. He didn’t learn what he teaches from working in a corporate M&A office. He didn’t learn it from a mentor.

Everything Jonathan knows about acquiring, growing and selling businesses has been through hard-won experience and learning from a lot of mistakes.

That is what makes Dealmakers programmes stand out as everything taught is grounded in real-world, practical experience, including our proven 21-step Business Buying System. The results for our clients speak for themselves.

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