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Watch more than 275 videos on our YouTube channel featuring dealmaker success stories and in-depth advice on how to buy a business without any personal risk.

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Watch hours and hours of inspirational success stories and in-depth business acquisition advice on how to buy a profitable, cash-flowing business without using your own money. Dealmaker’s Academy founder and business buying expert, Jonathan Jay, shares his experience and expertise in buying and selling businesses – including the good, the bad and the ugly – on our YouTube Channel.

Over the last 25 years, Jonathan has bought and sold more than 70 companies, including buying a distressed business, turning it around and selling it to private equity in a multi-million-pound deal. Everything Jonathan teaches is based on real-world experience and shared on this channel to educate and inspire dealmakers across the world.

Discover the process of buying a business from start to finish with more than 275 videos featuring Jonathan’s analysis of potential opportunities,  interviews with dealmakers who have bought businesses and advice on finding, negotiating and closing deals.