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We've helped thousands to realise their business acquisition goals. Below, you'll find case studies from some of those people who have taken our courses and have first-hand experience.

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What our clients say

Over 3,000 people have been on his courses, worldwide, creating case studies and testimonials which will inspire you to do this yourself.

In just eight months, business owner, Akram Abdullah, bought a commercial cleaning company at a fraction of its asking price, fixed it, and sold it for a considerable profit using what he’d learnt from the Dealmaker’s Academy.

Realising that a massive bank loan is unnecessary to acquire a business had a profound impact on Aled Davies and the approach he took to his family business as he explains.

Choosing to buy the shares rather than the assets in a company proved to be a mistake for dealmaker, Andy Doyle, but fortunately, he could recover most of the initial investment.

Don’t dismiss your competitors when it comes to potential acquisitions, since companies that offer similar products or services to your own may be ideal targets as business owner Brendan Cullen discovered.

Adding a turnover of nearly £500,000 to his company during the national lockdown was just one of the benefits business owner, Chris Stone, gained from being a member of the Dealmaker’s Academy as he explains.

Having a deal flow gives you a strong advantage in negotiations with sellers as Danny Beaumont discovered during his first business acquisition.

Streamlining your approach to dealmaking becomes increasingly important as you make more acquisitions as Darren Jacobs has found.

As business owner, Gavin Page, discovered, you will achieve less than ideal outcomes if you don’t have a team of experts to advise you in negotiations.

Approaching your first business owner can seem so daunting that it’s often easier to delay it, but as an entrepreneur, James Gardner, discovered, it’s worth taking the plunge.

The beauty of the acquisition strategies you’ll learn from the Dealmaker’s Academy is that they allow you to buy businesses without ever using your own money as Jamie Simpson has discovered.

Martin planned to grow his group of financial services companies organically using social media and online advertising until Dealmaker’s Academy showed how he could achieve quantum growth through acquisitions. Within five days, he’d completed his first deal.

Buying a business in less than a month may seem like an impossible feat, but as specialist printer and Mastermind graduate, Nicolas Manuel, reveals, it can be done.

No matter how bad the economic situation, there are always opportunities to grow your business through acquisition as serial investor, Peter Lidgitt, has discovered.

A lack of confidence often stops dealmakers from making progress, but if you can overcome it, the sky’s the limit as business owner Phil Hunt has found.

Acquiring businesses is not just for large corporations, but for any business owner with the proper knowledge and expertise as Richard Bundock found to his delight.

As business owner, Teddy Velkov, reveals, spotting opportunities that others overlook can help a dealmaker achieve rapid growth in any industry.

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