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Inner Circle is a global network of experienced dealmakers who regularly meet to share their experience, support each other and provide a safe forum for discussing challenges that you simply cannot discuss elsewhere.

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The global networking group for experienced dealmakers

Inner Circle is a group of business acquisition entrepreneurs who regularly meet up to discuss the challenges we face as experienced dealmakers.

This includes:

For 10 months every year, the group comes together online to share knowledge, offer support and push each other to think bigger.

The world of business ownership and being a dealmaker can be a lonely place…

We get it. Being an acquisition entrepreneur and dealmaker can be lonely. Because so few people have experienced buying a business, it can feel like no one else understands.

No one understands the pressure of navigating a deal. No one knows the difficulties associated with integrating a business, and all those staff issues. No one knows the pressure of preparing for an exit.

Who do you talk to? You cannot talk to people within your business about issues with the business for fear of unsettling them. You cannot talk to friends and family, who just don’t understand what you’re going through.

Inner Circle was created to bridge the gap between buying your first business and achieving your personal and financial goals by bringing together experienced dealmakers to discuss their challenges.

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Share your dealmaking war stories with others who “get” you

Bring your challenges to Inner Circle each month and get support from experienced business acquisition entrepreneurs to overcome whatever is currently challenging you.

The group has “hot seat” sessions designed to rapidly solve issues in your businesses – one of the most valuable aspects of the group, according to our current members. 

You gain as much from hearing how to overcome others’ challenges as your own – and when you move fast in business, you may need support every month to keep up the momentum towards your goals. 

Discover a better way to buy businesses

The majority of dealmakers in our Inner Circle group have graduated from our Mastermind programme, which was designed to help our members buy their first business. Many have now acquired multiple businesses and are working towards building a group or preparing for a lucrative exit.

However, many Inner Circle members joined us having bought a business on their own, but it didn’t work out as they expected. If this is you, being part of Inner Circle gives you access to a better way to buy businesses without using your own money and without risking your assets.

Think bigger, leap further forward

The greatest benefit of being part of the Inner Circle group is being “in the room” with experienced dealmakers who are further ahead than you. We are talking acquisition entrepreneurs who have bought, integrated and exited businesses for 7- and 8-figure sums and are happy and willing to share their experience and expertise.

Most of all, being part of Inner Circle will make you think bigger, be more ambitious and take giant leaps towards your ultimate goal – rather than getting stuck in the slow lane.

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Inner Circle is the only M&A group for serious dealmakers

Too often, I’ve heard experienced business buyers complain that the M&A community, group, or mastermind they joined was far, far below the level they needed in their business.

Do not make the mistake of joining a community where inexperienced dealmakers and dabblers who know all the theory but dish out advice as though they have been there and done it.

The only advice worth listening to is from people who have successfully done what you are trying to do. This is why Inner Circle is exclusively for dealmakers who have acquired at least one business.

How Inner Circle works

Inner Circle is a global network with members worldwide. For 10 months each year, we host a virtual networking call to discuss the challenges we face.

Although a speaker or expert is often invited to present to the group, there is no set agenda. Our time together in these sessions is shaped by what you need.

We have recently had ‘hot seats’ focused on member challenges, such as hiring management staff, recovering lost revenue after a sales slump, figuring out what to do next and investigating alternatives for financing a deal.

Join Inner Circle and you will…

The value of being part of Inner Circle is many, many times the cost

The cost of Inner Circle is £7,999+VAT per year.

Nearly everybody who joins renews again each year. This is a testament to the value most dealmakers who are serious about their business gain from being part of the group.

I understand cash flow may be an issue and we would be happy to discuss your personal circumstances to see how we may support your membership.

If you would like to discuss payment plan options, apply to join Inner Circle and if you are successful a member of the onboarding team will speak with you about options.

In the UK? Upgrade to in-person meetings

Sometimes, you just need to meet your Inner Circle colleagues in real life. If you can make it to the UK, you can also upgrade to attend our additional in-person Inner Circle meetups in London. We host six London Inner Circle meetings each year in addition to the core Inner Circle virtual group meetings.

These are all hosted in Richmond, London and typically the day is dedicated to discussing the key challenges members are facing and a session with an expert we bring in exclusively for Inner Circle members.

The cost of the upgrade to live events is £1,999+VAT.

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Inner Circle is ideal for you if…

You have already bought a business, and you want to buy more, and need the support of experienced dealmakers by your side to go further

You have bought a business, and although it didn’t go to plan, you want to continue your journey but do it the right way

You have bought a business or several businesses, and you’re running into challenges only experienced business owners can understand and advise on

You have bought a business, but you have run out of motivation and feel directionless and unsure of which way to go next, and need some guidance

You bought a business a while ago, but you felt like you were “winging it” and now you want to gain the knowledge and expertise to get back on track

You have bought a business, and you want to benefit from being in a supportive, motivating environment to keep you focused and on track towards your goals

Membership of Inner Circle is by application only

Given the quality of the relationships and high-level conversations at our Inner Circle events, it is important to guarantee that the right people are in the room.

If you would like to join Inner Circle, you can apply using the form below. Please complete the form with details of your experience in dealmaking and M&A, and what you feel you would bring to the Inner Circle group.

My team reviews every application and if you are successful, we will invite you to a call with a member of our onboarding team.

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