Terms & Conditions of Business

  1. Bonuses are only available when payment for the programme has been made in full. 
  2. All payments are non-refundable, including part-payments. There is no ‘money-back guarantee’ on this programme as your success is your responsibility! This clause covers all situations but not exclusively your personal requirements, health, changed circumstances, etc. 
  3. A receipted VAT invoice will be issued upon request. 
  4. It is the purchaser’s responsibility to determine the suitability of the programme for their requirements. 
  5. All training material, including videos, PDFs, PowerPoint slides, remain the copyright of The Dealmaker’s Academy Ltd and cannot be reproduced or shared with anyone else. 
  6. It should be noted that legal, financial, tax or investment advice is not offered or given by Jonathan Jay or The Dealmaker’s Academy Ltd. 
  7. This is a commercial agreement between the parties, not a consumer agreement and therefore there are no consumer rights such as cooling-off periods. Agreeing to this contract by ticking the acceptance box is binding and cannot be cancelled. 
  8. Neither Jonathan Jay nor The Dealmaker’s Academy Ltd are responsible for any business decisions you make.