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If you want to transform your finances and enjoy more freedom, this book is for you!

Whether you are a business owner struggling to grow your company or you are an ambitious individual currently working a 9-5 with dreams of financial freedom, Business Buying Strategies shows you a realistic path to getting exactly what you want. 

Starting a business is hard. Growing a business is even harder.

But buying a profitable, established business can transform your finances and give you the growth, income and financial freedom you always wanted. One deal really can be life-changing… and we have the success stories to prove it. 

Learn from Jonathan Jay, the leading expert in business buying

Written by Dealmakers Academy founder and business buying expert, Jonathan Jay, Business Buying Strategies reveals the process Jonathan developed over 25 years of buying and selling businesses. 

Selling his publishing business changed his life and Jonathan shows you how to buy a business without risking any of your own money or borrowing money from the bank. 

Jonathan has been on a mission to show business owners and ambitious individuals they can experience the wealth and freedom they really want through buying business using the tools, knowledge and support only previously known to experienced M&A professionals. 

By making this book available as widely as possible, our goal is to help thousands more dealmakers build the wealth they always wanted. 

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  • How to buy a profitable existing business without risking your personal assets or using any of your own money (yes, it REALLY can be done and this book show you how)
  • How to grow your company by acquiring similar businesses (this is so much faster and simpler than struggling with organic growth)
  • Our proven Business Buying System that has helped thousands of dealmakers buy their first – or next – business (this saves you time and money)
  • The secret to finding the right kinds of businesses for sale (if a business is already listed, it’s game over. Here’s where to find great off-market deals
  • The companies you should avoid like the plague (not every business is right for you – here are the ones to steer clear of)
  • How thousands of dealmakers, just like you, have transformed their lives by buying a business – or several businesses (and they all started by reading THIS book)
  • Where to find buyers eager to snap up your companies (and  give you windfall profits you can reinvest or retire on…)

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Business acquisition really is a growth strategy that is under-the-radar and is little-known to many business owners and others who are looking for a smarter way to invest.

That will not be true for long. There is a limited window of opportunity in 2024 to buy profitable businesses for no money down – so you need to be quick to take advantage.

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