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Dealmakers FastTrack Programme - What is included

Here is everything you get inside FastTrack

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For Just £399+ vat, Join The FastTrack Programme And Get The Advice, Insight And Live Coaching You Need To Start Your Business Buying Journey The Right Way

For just £399+vat, we will hand you the keys to our proven, tried-and-tested Business Buying System that 1,000s of dealmakers have used to buy their first and subsequent businesses successfully.

The FastTrack programme combines access to our high level M&A educational resources and a FastTrack Zoom training webinar and live Q&A with Jonathan Jay, where you can ask anything at all about any aspect of dealmaking and acquisitions.

During the webinar, you cover every step of our 21-step Business Buying System, and we detail the steps you need to take right away if you are serious about buying your first business.

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Why Most Inexperienced Dealmakers Fail To Buy A Single Business
(And It's Not Through Lack Of Knowledge)

If you have been searching online for information on how to buy a business and maybe watched dozens of videos  and STILL haven’t bought a business you need the FastTrack Programme. You see, the problem is not a lack of information.  It is something else entirely.

Here's why most get stuck:

... do any of these sound familiar?

Many people who want to get into business acquisition “wing it” by reading a few articles online and watching a couple of YouTube videos.

These people take a huge risk. They almost always make mistakes – mistakes that could end up costing them thousands or risking their home.

Business buying can be lucrative and risk-free when you follow a proven system

That is why becoming a successful business acquisition entrepreneur is more than just knowledge. It is all about your mindset and attitude, too. 

We can give you our Business Buying System, but the question is… 

Are You Serious About Going Being a Professional Business Buyer?

In our experience, there are two types of people who want to build their wealth through business acquisition.

The Professional

The Dabbler

As you can probably tell, you want to be a Professional.

It’s the Professional who wins, builds wealth and reaches their financial goals. The Dabbler stays on the sidelines and goes nowhere.

It may come as no surprise to discover that I created The FastTrack Programme for the person who wants to be the Professional. It’s not for the Dabbler.

We can help you overcome the obstacles holding you back. It is the reason we created the FastTrack programme. Every resource, guide and tool you get when you join the FastTrack programme is chosen to move you forward so you can take action.

If you have the right attitude and mindset to commit to going Pro with business acquisition… we will give you the tools and support you need.  Get started with FastTrack and follow in the footsteps of our most successful clients.

Join FastTrack For Just £399+vat Today,
Learn Business Buying Using Our Two-Step Approach

When you invest in the FastTrack programme today, you gain instant access to a suite of resources, including toolkits, guides, case studies and breakdowns. Within these online resources, there is Pre-Work ahead of attending the two-part FastTrack Webinar and Live Q&A with Jonathan Jay. 

Part I - Get Instant Access To All The FastTrack Resources


The Complete Business Buying System Revealed

Here it is. The proven 21-step system that has helped 3,000+ clients understand how to buy, build and sell businesses. Presented in a comprehensive infographic, you can print out and use it to plan your business buying journey.

Your Number - How To Figure Out Your ‘Number’

Understand your goal money figure you need to transform your life and get exactly what you want. Knowing this number is essential to setting your strategy. Join FastTrack, download this guide and join the webinar ready to get started.


Sector Finder - The Simple Guide To Find The Right Sector For You

It may feel there is almost too much choice from the number of businesses available to sell. Using our Sector Finder guide, you can start to narrow down what works for you and build your acquisition criteria so you can get started sooner.


The No.1 Deal Sourcing Strategy Breakdown

In this guide, we outline the most popular places to source deals and breakdown in detail how to execute the No.1 deal sourcing strategy we have coached thousands of dealmakers on.

12 Business Buying Mistakes Guide

Becoming a great dealmaker is as much about avoiding costly mistakes that set you back. With our 12 mistakes guide and accompanying video, we outline exactly what to avoid so you never make the same mistakes as so many inexperienced business buyers.


Video - Client success case studies

Watch five of our most successful client case studies, all of whom started their business buying journey on the FastTrack programme and have bought one or more businesses.

Dealmakers Fasttrack Programme - Real World Deal Breakdown

Real World Deal Breakdown

We pull back the curtain on a complete deal breakdown between Jonathan and a Mastermind client who is in conversation with various business owners. Discover the exact advice and scripting Jonathan gives the client with the complete transcript.


How To Talk With Confidence To Business Owners

If you’re going to buy a business, you need to negotiate with business owners. In this guide, we show you how to talk with confidence and credibility, even if you don’t have any experience.


Negotiating With A Real Business Owner - 3 live call videos

Gain access to three exclusive videos capturing Jonathan taking live calls and negotiation with business owners. Learn how it’s done, see how it’s done… then do it.

Dealmakers Fasttrack Programme - Rapid Credibility Builder

Rapid Credibility Builder

Worried you don’t have the credibility or experience to close deals? This guide shows you how to build your credibility online, in-person and working with others with tactics you can implement right away.

M&A Advanced Glossary

The world of mergers and acquisitions has it own language. Understanding what those who are experienced in the M&A world mean is important to learn and develop. Use this comprehensive glossary to get up to speed, fast

Business Buying Finance & Accounting Manual

How you set up your businesses is essential to protect yourself and remain tax efficient. Avoid rookie mistakes by understanding finance and accounting fundamentals for dealmakers.

Dealmaker Fasttrack Programme Training Plan

Your Dealmaker Training Plan

Use our training plan to identify your priority training needs for the weeks and months ahead so you can accelerate your path to becoming a professional at M&A.

How To Finance A Buy And Build Playbook

What does it actually look like to execute a “Buy and Build” strategy? On FastTrack, you learn how the strategy works and with this playbook you can see it in practical, real-life terms based on a real-life case study.

Part 2 - Join The FastTrack Training Webinar And Live Q&A On Your Select Date

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Pay To Access My Business Buying System For A One-Time Cost Of £399+vat, Profit From It Forever

Want to know the return on investment for access to my Business Buying System? For many of our clients, they would tell you “infinite” as they have taken the system and used it not only for their first acquisition… 

… but again and again and again.

Today, you can join the FastTrack programme for just £399+vat. This price is for a limited time only as the price of FastTrack will increase next month.

You get our most valuable tools and resources and access to our Business Buying System (worth thousands to those clients who now use it for every deal).

The most valuable part of FastTrack is the Zoom webinar  training and live Q&A where business acquisition expert, Jonathan Jay, walks you through the system and gives you two and a half hours of his time and expertise for this one low price. You will get all your questions answered… so prepare well.

Clients know that Jonathan will never end a call until every question has been fully answered – so hold us to it.

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Meet Just a Few of The Thousands of People Who Have Invested in The FastTrack Programme

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Discover Exactly What You Need To Take Advantage Of Business Buying Opportunities Right Now

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With More Than 20 Years of Experience Buying and Selling Businesses,
Learn From Someone Who Fully Understands Business Acquisition

I’m Jonathan Jay, and I will coach you through The FastTrack Programme.

I first sold a business in 1999 and I first bought an established, multi-million revenue business in 2006.

Earlier in my career, I tried to grow businesses organically – and it was a struggle.

If you’re a business owner trying to grow, you will know exactly what I mean. Staff issues, cash flow, unpredictable sales and competition cropping up when you least expect it…

… But it wasn’t until I sold my business in 1999 and made more money in one day than I had in the whole time I ran the business. My eyes were opened. I discovered buying and selling businesses was a “fast track” to more income and more wealth.

I bought my competitor’s businesses (for practically nothing) and combined them into one ‘super business.’ I sold this ‘super business’ to a private equity firm in November 2007 and became a multi-millionaire overnight.

I entered other business sectors. I never borrowed money from a bank or risked my personal assets when buying a business.

People started to discover the level of my success and asked me, “Jonathan … can you teach me how to do this?”

Previously, the only people who had access to the knowledge about buying and selling businesses were M&A departments of investment banks and corporations.

So I started The Dealmakers Academy, to give everyone the know-how they need to buy a business successfully.

Since starting Dealmakers, I’ve helped more than 13,000 people get the advice and information they need about buying a business.

For the record, I don’t have a business degree, and I dropped out of university at 18. All my knowledge comes from the real world and is not taught at even the most prestigious business schools.

I only teach the same tactics and strategies I have used to acquire and sell businesses, and you’ll discover these in The FastTrack Programme.

I get huge satisfaction when I hear from some of the thousands of dealmakers I have helped  who have experienced huge success.

This strategy has worked for thousands of people who have followed my advice.

Would you like me to show you how to do this? Would you like to start your business buying journey? Would you like to get on the road to achieving your personal financial goals?


Then register right now for The FastTrack Programme.

This programme is a blend of training content (sent to your inbox immediately) and Zoom training where I show you how you can buy your first business without risking any personal assets and without spending any of your own money.

All the details are below. Please take some time right now to go through this information.

For a limited time, you can join the programme for just £399+vat before the price rises next month

To Your Success,


Jonathan Jay

P.S. If you’re really serious about reaching your financial goals, there’s something important to understand. Acquiring a business is the fastest way to reach those goals. Yes, it takes some time and effort, but it is a lot easier than any other method of acquiring wealth that I know.

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Let's Be Real, Buying A Business Is Not Easy… FastTrack
Simplifies The Process and Gives You A Clear Plan

Beware of anyone who says, “buying a business is easy.” It’s not. There are lots of moving parts and lots of potential pitfalls and obstacles.

If you take just a couple of wrong turns, you can quickly end up in serious financial trouble.

For example, if you make the mistake of using personal assets, like your home, as collateral, it could be a disaster. Or if you don’t check the paperwork properly and end up signing a personal guarantee, it could be a disaster. In both cases, if the business fails, you could be forced to sell your home.

This is not scaremongering. I have seen this happen to inexperienced buyers many, many times. These are people who have not followed a process and plan developed over many years by someone who has been-there-and-done-it and knows everything about the dealmaking process.

The plan you’ll discover in The FastTrack Programme shows you how to avoid serious mistakes by going through the steps of my proven Business Buying System and giving you clear direction based on my 20 years of business buying success.

One of my goals in building The Dealmakers Academy is to transform the business buying process from complex to as simple and straightforward as possible. More than 13,000 people I’ve helped will tell you I have made buying a business a predictable – and often fun – process … thanks to my proven plan.

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Join The FastTrack Programme For Just £399+VAT Today

For a limited time, you can attend for just £399+vat.

This discount is for a limited time only. The price of joining the FastTrack Programme will increase in the future.

When You Join FastTrack, You...

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An Important Decision That You Must Get Right

If you’re serious about building wealth and reaching your financial and personal goals through acquiring businesses, you have two choices before you.

Choice #1 – You can go it alone, rely on free videos you may have seen on YouTube, and get some advice from a couple of friends who are in business – and totally fail (or, worse, make a hugely expensive mistake…)

OR …

Choice #2 – You can learn about successful business buying from one of the world’s leading business buying experts and it all starts with The FastTrack Programme.

I’m confident you will make the right decision. Simply click the “Join FastTrack today” button right now.

Join FastTrack Today, Follow In The Footsteps Of Success

For the thousands of people who have invested in The FastTrack Programme, this small amount makes joining a no-brainer”.

Go through the programme materials, join me on the live Zoom training and ask me any and all the questions you have about business acquisition – and I will answer all of them. This is your opportunity to learn from someone who has vast experience and expertise for a fraction of what other people pay.

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