How long does it take to buy a business? A Comprehensive Guide

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There is no set time frame for buying a business. It depends on things including the seller, the buyer, the professionals on either side of the deal, and what you buy. Some businesses are large and complex; others are smaller and more straightforward. You can reasonably expect it to take less time to buy, say, […]

Goal Setting – What’s Your Number?

With very many things that we do, before we jump into it, it pays to spend a little time thinking about what we want to get out of it. Embarking on a business-buying adventure is no different.

The Best Types of Business to Buy

You might think that the best types of business to buy are the ones everyone is clamouring for, the hot and trendy businesses, the beautiful ones. I think that’s misguided and you need to change your mindset.

The Story of Instagram’s $1billion Acquisition

Just 18 months after its launch, Facebook decided to buy another business and so acquired Instagram for $1billion in 2012. At the time, Instagram was a 13-person start-up with 30 million users. Now the photo-sharing app boasts over 600 million users.

Things Dealmakers Do – and Don’t Do

Dealmakers can operate in different sectors, buy businesses in different ways and use alternative methods of funding. However, when it comes to successful dealmakers, there are some things they have in common despite other differences in their approach. We take a look at some of those things in this article.

How to … Ensure Good Deal Flow (Part 1, What and Why)

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When you intend to build a group of businesses you need to be able to look at a selection of them, evaluate each one and make a decision as to whether to buy. There are bound to be ones you aren’t really sure about, or maybe aren’t really keen on, but if that’s all there is on the table you might find it hard to walk away.

Be a dealmaker, not a doer! Part 2: Four key elements of success

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In part one of this two-part series, in the last issue, we talked about the differences between being a dealmaker and being a doer, and the light bulb moment – the catalyst for change. In part two, we’re going to talk about the four key elements of success for a dealmaker.

How to … Use the Deal Wheel

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If you’re just starting out on your business buying journey, you face a steep learning curve. Even if you’ve been going for a while and have some acquisitions under your belt chances are you’re still learning.

Your Acquisition Strategy Essential Basics You Need to Know

Before you get into the practicalities of buying a business, there are some basics you really need to know. These are important principles and habits; without them, you start the entire process at a disadvantage, and yet they are really simple to learn and to use.