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What is a Dealmaker?

If you are a dealmaker, you find, fund, fix and flip businesses for profit. You find businesses to buy, often at below market value, and fund the purchase without using your own money.

The Signs of a Profitable Business

At The Dealmaker’s Academy we are firm believers that the biggest wins in business often come from buying and selling a business. Acquisitions are simply one of the fastest ways to grow a business often at a rate you cannot achieve by solely working in the business.

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Guide To Business Acquisition Due Diligence

There is a vital step you must always take before you buy a business – due diligence. No matter how attractive the seller makes the business appear, you and your advisors should carry out due diligence.

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How To Find Businesses For Sale

When looking for businesses for sale, it’s worth remembering that only one in five businesses for sale are ever advertised. For that reason, you should take the initiative and seek out prospective sellers rather than relying on finding them through adverts.